Our History

Don Julio’s Authentic Mexican restaurant started as a dream for the Rodriguez-Nambo Family. Julio & Esther Rodriguez migrated to the Tampa Bay area from Mexico in the early 70’s. Esther (or Doña Esther) always had a passion for cooking Mexican food and she used those talents to get all three of her children to graduate from college as her husband passed away when they were very young.

Dona Esther started offering her authentic dishes in the West Tampa area to relatives and friends in the late ‘80’s and early 90’s and many of them recommended she open a Mexican restaurant as her authentic flavor was unmatched by any existing restaurant in the Tampa Bay area.

Don Julio’s opened their doors in 2018 making the family’s dream come true of sharing Doña Esther’s authentic Mexican flavor to the entire Tampa Bay area and to keep alive those recipes for generations to come. The name was chosen in honor of the late Don Julio who would be proud to see how his family has come together to make a legacy.